In Gratitude for Bill Mollison...

I am forever grateful to the life of Bill Mollison, who has been and will continue to be a formidable teacher in my life. He passed away a few days ago and has begun a new era of his journey... From where I sit, much of his power and effect globally came through his abilities as a storyteller. When I first took a PDC with him in Australia so many years ago, he masterfully wove into his stories indigenous wisdom, an immense amount of humor, science, and the many inspiring and often wild stories of his own life. This was a huge inspiration for me and has fueled a fire in me of bringing my gifts into the world as a storyteller.

The last time I saw Bill was in 2012 in Amman, Jordan where I had the honor of teaching a PDC with him, Brad LancasterGeoff Lawton and Nadia Abu Yahia Lawton. He was as cantankerous as ever yet always the edge dweller who translated new energy into any system he was interacting with. I remember greeting him at the site of the course and hearing the story of his arrival into Amman. At 84 years old, after traveling across the world, his first stop after landing at the airport was not his hotel for a nap, a shower and a good rest, but to the local university library. He went there first to research and build his knowledge base on the best pioneer species of plants for the region, their local names, and their indigenous uses. He was an avid learner, even at 84 years old, who was ensuring that he was relevant to the local people and the land that sustained them. Not a tourist, not someone resting on their laurels, but a man who could inspire action in intelligent, humorous, sometimes even paradigm grating ways yet always done from a place of a genuine heart.

We send oceans of blessings to Lisa Mollison as she grieves the loss of her husband and to the Mollison family and to let you all know that so many of us are grieving with you. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to support you as a family! We will be planting trees around the globe to honor him including at our farms, Casitas Valley Farm and at Quail Springs Permaculture.

Thank you Bill for inspiring a movement and for planting so much desire for positive change in the hearts and minds of others for a time beyond your own. You will always be one of my heroes. Journey well!