The Muonde Trust- Zimbabwe

I am currently in Zimbabwe sharing and learning with model farmers of the Muonde Trust. Brad Lancaster, Thomas Cole and I are here to work with the USAID funded program to facilitate a training with technical field staff through their Food for Peace programs, which work with small holder farmers.

The Muonde Trust ( is an incredibly effective community organization that is connecting farmers together through the principles of water harvesting and being innovative stewards of the land. The farms we visited through Muonde Trust clearly showed the relationship between community cultural interaction, rainwater harvesting, soil building, and increased and diversified food, fodder and fuel production are intricately linked to resilience.

In times of extreme climate events, like the extreme drought in Zimbabwe, whole systems, integrated design is essential in buffering those extremes. Like the farmer below in the pictures, having abundance in the midst of these record drought comes from applying sensible principles of design that are derived from nature.

Join us in just 5 weeks when we host our 5th annual PDC for International Development at Quail Springs. Our teaching team includes myself, Rafter Sass Ferguson, Pandora Thomas, Alissa Sears, Lindsay Allen and Thomas Cole. Learn more here: