Permaculture Extends Further into Ethiopia

As I embark on another journey, I'm reminded of my recent adventure in Sodo, Ethiopia at Uryadi's Village, a permaculture designed orphanage in development for babies and children who have no one to care for them and many with special needs.

Currently, the children are living in a small facility in the center of town until the orphanage is completed later this year. An important part of the vision of this orphanage is to grow healthy food for the kids and their caretakers, immerse them in a non-institutional setting amidst that which sustains them, and to develop a demonstration site of integrated, whole-site design for the community.

We spent a week with the local team on the ground completing the earthworks and rainwater harvesting structures, extending the plantings, developing the irrigation systems, further planning the nutrient cycling systems, continuing to build the homes and community spaces and loving up the beautiful children who will spend much of their lives on this site.

My hats-off to the work of Uryadi's Village and the local, committed staff for approaching the development of the orphanage in a holistic manner and weaving the tools of permaculture into their vision. Thank you for including me in the process...