Uryadi's Village Continues to Grow and Thrive

I have just returned home from another productive trip to Uryadi's Village in southern Ethiopia. This unique 2-year old permaculture site is an orphanage serving children and babies, many with disabilities, while immersing these amazing beings in a village atmosphere surrounded by and integrated into that which sustains them.

During this journey, we worked on many of the greywater systems that support the village focusing on a laundry system with mulch basin greywater planting. Imagine how much laundry is generated by 60 children and babies... We increased the catchments of the water harvesting structures, planted out more trees in the nursery, built bio-intensive double dug beds, worked on final exterior plastering of the natural buildings, added an irrigation system for the main gardens for dry season food production, among many other tasks to support the year round local permaculture staff.

I am so thankful for the people there who continue to build and tend the site, take such good care of the children and for the vision of growing an orphanage that is integrated into the surrounding village and cultures. Early next year we will begin to do regular hands-on trainings in Permagardening to nutrition-vulnerable neighboring households as part of the vision of integrating into and nurturing the surrounding communities.

Learn more about Uryadi's Village at: http://www.uryadisvillage.org/