Lush Spring Prize

I was honored to be a part of this year's panel of unique and brilliant judges for the LUSH Spring Prize for social and environmental regeneration in London, England. 

What is the LUSH Spring Prize?

  • To help develop and increase the integrity of the regenerative movement – through supporting ongoing co-learning and awarding those that are working towards regeneration.

  • To raise awareness of regeneration and its ability to move livelihoods and economies beyond the sustainable and revive damaged environments – by holding a well-publicised and inspiring annual prize event.

  • To bring people together to develop a greater understanding of regeneration – by holding a participatory prize event.

I had the chance to review 51 different projects in different sectors of business, environmental regeneration, community and more. It's amazing and inspiring to see what's happening locally and globally. 

Thank you LUSH for being an ethical business leader that supports both social and ecological equitability in our world!