Permagarden in Musweswe, DRC

A Permagarden is born in Musweswe, DRC. Thomas Cole and I have been in the Congo over the past week facilitating a training for people working with development agencies in the area. Through a USAID - TOPS program we are consultants for, we facilitated a training that was centered on the practicum of building a Permagarden in a rural community in this conflict ridden area of eastern Congo.

With ourselves and 22 students who are participating in the training, we were welcomed into this amazing community with open, willing arms. Together with nearly 40 community members, we built this garden in two days, which consists of on-contour double dug beds, all local resources, loaded each planting structure with long term fertility, a water harvesting swale, banana basin, papaya planting with a boomerang berm, a nursery, and fenced it all in with local expertise with shared sweat and laughter. We planted 19 different annuals and perennials in this community demonstration garden.

Next week, we are teaching the same group about resilience design and how to apply permaculture principles to their main crop fields.