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International Permaculture Teacher's Training - Germany

with Warren Brush and Elke Loepthien, in cooperation with the German Permakultur Akademie

What would Permaculture be without its teachers – those people that are able to pass on this incredibly diverse and rich phenomenon, that is so hard to put into words and nevertheless has touched and transformed thousands and thousands of people worldwide?  It is the teachers that make permaculture accessible and allow the spark to move on to touch more people’s lives, in the workshops and trainings that they are running.

Permaculture gifts us with enormous power to change our existence into a healthier and earth friendlier life, no matter where you are at. It lives and grows through the many people who do not only keep alive and protect this precious treasure, but who also dare to pass it onto others.

For more information on the course go to the Circlewise Website