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Permaculture Design Course with Nea Guinea in GREECE

This course is designed to give you a thorough understanding of the principles and applications of permaculture design. Furthermore, it provides a tangible foothold in developing your skills in designing systems that mimic the patterns and relationships found in nature. The course consists of diverse learner centered activities, that introduce the group to creative problem solving and promote team work, considering
different individual learning styles. During the PDC you will have the opportunity to complete a holistic design as well as gain hands-on (practical) experience of different land and cultural regeneration
techniques, while at the same time observe and study already established systems and applied designs at our farm. This course provides an internationally recognized certification through the Permaculture Research Institute of Australia.

Topics include:
Eco-literacy for sustainability
Patterns & processes in nature
Sustainable design processes and methodologies
Hydrological restoration, water management and earthworks
Soil building and nutrient cycling
Sustainable food production systems
Appropriate technology and small scale renewable energy systems
Cultural regeneration,invisible structures and social permaculture
Practical design exercises

The course will be taught by Warren Brush (first part - 4days) and by the Nea Guinea team (second part- 8 days).

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