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Permaculture Design Certification Course at QUAIL SPRINGS

Join Warren and a host of other world class instructors for his home PDC at Quail Springs.  

Immerse yourself in permaculture in action with this 14-day learning journey! Share in the joy of community learning together and changing the world. Take home the ability to design and apply natural principles to create stable and resilient systems that provide food, water, shelter and energy needs while regenerating ecology, community and economy. The Quail Springs Permaculture Design Course (PDC) includes the 72-hr Permaculture Certification through Permaculture Research Institute.  For more information go to:   http://www.quailsprings.org/programs/permaculture/pdc

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to Oct 27

Permaculture Design Course with Wilderness Awareness School's Anake Program

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Join me for our third annual Permaculture Design Certification Course that is a part of the highly life transforming nine month long nature connection Anake Program with Wilderness Awareness School.  For more information on joining the program go to: https://wildernessawareness.org/adult-programs/anake

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to Jun 3

Introduction to Permaculture - Denmark


We are excited to offer a weekend of introduction to Permaculture, with one of the world's leading specialists and storytellers, Warren Brush.

Come and explore with Warren Brush, one of the leading permaculture practitioners and teachers, how we can co-create a life of abundance in harmony with nature.

Permaculture provides a tangible foothold in developing your next best steps toward living a sustainable lifestyle. This innovative and inspiring 2-day Introduction to Permaculture course is designed to give the participant a basic understanding of how to apply the ethics, principles, strategies and techniques of permaculture in their lives and communities.

This course is relevant for home-dwellers, those interested in sustenance security, gardeners, farmers, students, design professionals, entrepreneurs, community activists, business owners and developers, and sustainability consultants.

Date: Saturday 2 June 2018 (start at 8.00am) – Sunday 3 June 2018 (end at 5.00pm) Location: Petersholm, Petersholmsvej 165, 8300 Odder
Price: 1’950 kr. / 1’600 kr. for students (includes lunch & dinner on Saturday and lunch on Sunday)
Accommodation: 155 – 300 kr. per night including breakfast (ask for detailed list of options) Registration: To register please contact: info.centerforliv@gmail.com

Warren Brush is a global permaculture design consultant, educator, lecturer and storyteller. He has worked for over 25 years in sustainable systems design for communities, private and public organizations, households, small holder farms, and conservation properties worldwide. He
is co-founder of Quail Springs Permaculture, Regenerative Earth Enterprises, Sustainable Vocations, Wilderness Youth Project, Casitas Valley Farm and Creamery and his Permaculture design company, True Nature Design. He is a consultant for USAID’s TOPS (Technical, Operations, Performance Support) program where he trains technical field staff, for their African Food for Peace programs, in a Resilience Design Framework. He works extensively in North America, Africa, Middle East, Europe, and Australia.

Petersholm is an ever-changing community of volunteers from all over the world. We treat each other with respect, contribute with what we can, and cultivate a philosophy of working joyfully. We are generally vegetarians, enjoying very diverse and nutritious meals, and are interested in a wide variety of holistic healing practices.
We strive toward sustainability and organic living, making lots of our own products, including creams from our beeswax, ash soap, natural cleaning products, kefir, kombucha, fervida, apple cider vinegar, candles, kokedamas and other decorations, and more. We are also establishing fruit tree and willow orchards.
We have had volunteers from age 7 to 70, and staying from 1 day to a year and a half. The area is 4 hectares with a Hobbit House, a Tiny House/Biopod, a permaculture plot, and a main house where we host bed and breakfast guests. We have chickens, 2 lovely cats, worm farms, beehives, and a diversity of wildlife.

For more information go to: https://www.facebook.com/events/748852978637284/

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to May 29

Permaculture Design Course with Nea Guinea in GREECE

This course is designed to give you a thorough understanding of the principles and applications of permaculture design. Furthermore, it provides a tangible foothold in developing your skills in designing systems that mimic the patterns and relationships found in nature. The course consists of diverse learner centered activities, that introduce the group to creative problem solving and promote team work, considering
different individual learning styles. During the PDC you will have the opportunity to complete a holistic design as well as gain hands-on (practical) experience of different land and cultural regeneration
techniques, while at the same time observe and study already established systems and applied designs at our farm. This course provides an internationally recognized certification through the Permaculture Research Institute of Australia.

Topics include:
Eco-literacy for sustainability
Patterns & processes in nature
Sustainable design processes and methodologies
Hydrological restoration, water management and earthworks
Soil building and nutrient cycling
Sustainable food production systems
Appropriate technology and small scale renewable energy systems
Cultural regeneration,invisible structures and social permaculture
Practical design exercises

The course will be taught by Warren Brush (first part - 4days) and by the Nea Guinea team (second part- 8 days).

For more information go to: http://neaguinea.org/2018/02/15/pri-australia-accredited-pdc-with-warren-brush-in-greece/

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to May 21

International Permaculture Teacher's Training - Germany

with Warren Brush and Elke Loepthien, in cooperation with the German Permakultur Akademie

What would Permaculture be without its teachers – those people that are able to pass on this incredibly diverse and rich phenomenon, that is so hard to put into words and nevertheless has touched and transformed thousands and thousands of people worldwide?  It is the teachers that make permaculture accessible and allow the spark to move on to touch more people’s lives, in the workshops and trainings that they are running.

Permaculture gifts us with enormous power to change our existence into a healthier and earth friendlier life, no matter where you are at. It lives and grows through the many people who do not only keep alive and protect this precious treasure, but who also dare to pass it onto others.

For more information on the course go to the Circlewise Website

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to May 12

PDC for International Development at Quail Springs

This course equips people working in international development and grassroots projects with the perspectives and skills needed to engage with communities in partnership to incorporate elements into the design of communities, smallholder farms and land with household agricultural production that are holistic, appropriate, strategic, effective, diverse, as well as ecologically and economically sound. This course includes the 72-hr Permaculture Design Certification through the Permaculture Research Institute. Learn more at register at: 


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to Apr 14

Rainwater Harvesting Training and Demonstration Site Development - Kakuma, Kenya

Warren Brush will be facilitating a training and design application program for the development of a demonstration site for Resilience Design in the Kakuma region of Northern Kenya.    The Danish Refugee Council is facilitating the training and site development.

For more information on the Danish Refugee Council go to: https://drc.ngo

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to Mar 16

Resilience Design Training - Meki, Ethiopia

This is a one-week Resilience Design Training for Meki Catholic Secretariat (MCS) for their field agents working with smallholder farmers in the Meki region of Ethiopia.  For more on the RD Training Toolkit go to the Food Security Network with USAID TOPS program at https://www.fsnnetwork.org of which Warren Brush is a co-developer.


For more information on MCS go to: http://mcsethio.org/aboutus.html

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to Mar 2

LUSH Spring Prize

People all over the world are developing ways to live in harmony with nature and each other. They are generating renewable resources, restoring ecosystems, nurturing solidarity and making societies stronger.  Warren Brush is a judge on the panel which will help to decide who is awarded funds in this round of giving.

The Lush Spring Prize is here to support this regeneration movement. Learn more: 


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